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My name is Teodora (aka Teddy). I am an artist, graphic designer and photographer based in Montreal, Canada. I am a person with a lot of enthusiasm, ambition and a good mood! I draw all the time and love to explore all kinds of things especially in art. Be it photography, painting, collage, sculpture, sewing or even business or nature. It's me! I try more and more to incorporate this exploration into my projects. I dream of traveling the world and having my own art and design companies. In graphic design, my goal is always to get to know the client and the project and give my all in order to create a superb product. Feel free to contact me if you like my work and have a project in mind.

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In my free time I am a jewelry maker and a big enthousiast about nature, cultures and travel. I am part of a traditional Bulgarian dance group and it is in my plans to expand my youtube channel of dance tutorials and even create a clothing brand inspired by ancient Bulgarian embroidery!

Here are the links to my Graphic Design and Photography Portfolios. Enjoy!


I am also part of a bulgarian folk dance group in Montreal called Monika. Some videos of our dances are on my Youtube. I have put a link below if you want to look a at them. Also, in the past I made a website about bulgarian folklore which I will be redesigning and upgrading soon but in the meantime you may check it out in the link below! I hope you learn something and discover a new culture!

Thank you !

I hope you have a great day