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Hello! Welcome to my shop!

Here you can find unique handcrafted items and art (and often very colorful) that will help you stand out

  • Unique

    I try to make things that are fun, unique and stand out. Most of my products are made by hand and things like earrings are usually made only once, except certain models. So most of them are completely one of a kind!

  • Eco-friendly

    I try to be mindful of the planet while making art. I collect and reuse paper scraps and other materials as much as possible and avoid wasting anything. Not everything I use is 100% eco-friendly but I try my best to make smart choices while buying materials and as the business grows I will strive to be even more eco-friendly.

  • Handcrafted

    Almost everything here has been drawn, designed, printed and/or handcrafted by me. I make sure to pay attention to the small details and pour my heart in soul in everything that I make. Thank you for enjoying what I do and supporting me!

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Here everything is made and designed with love

About The Artist

Hello there! My name is Teodora aka Teddy and I am an artist, graphic designer and photographer based in Montreal. I love colors, nature, travelling and a TON of other stuff. Thank you for enjoying my work.

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